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Everest Fashion Runway
The Everest Fashion Runway in Nepal walks straight into a new Guinness World Record for the highest altitude fashion show on 26 January at Kala Patthar 5,340 meters on the Everest Base Camp trek which is a popular trail for…>> Read More


The Taragaon Museum
Not a conventional museum it has exhibits that showcase the “then” and “now” transition of Kathmandu’s rich cultural heritage over a period of 50years as recorded by various scholars and anthropologists.  It provides a rich documentation of the preservation and conservation…>> Read More


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  • Taj Mahal reopen on 21 September

    The Taj Mahal reopened on 21 September to public after 6 months with a cap of 5,000 daily visitors. This…

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  • Ancient statue found in Dhulikhel

    The ancient statue of a Kirati woman thought to be from 2nd century BC found in Dhulikhel by locals on…

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  • Book Tibet TAR Join-in Departures 2020 - 2021

    Tibet TAR Join-in Departures 2020 - 2021 give an opportunity for individuals and couples to enjoy these journeys in the…

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  • Nepal re-open on 16 September

    Nepal has resumed International and Domestic flights on 16 September, 2020.  All vehicular traffic and people movement have been allowed.  Non tourist…

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  • Nepal is Forbes top places to visit

    On the eve of Visit Nepal Year 2020 Forbes magazine has named Nepal a ‘top destination for travellers to visit…

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  • Lonely Planet picks Bhutan - World Top Destination!

    Bhutan the tiny landlocked Himalayan nation, has topped Lonely Planet's best places to travel in 2020. The list was compiled by…

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  • Early Picasso Art exhibition in Beijing

    Ullens Center for Contemporary Art or UCCA Beijing is holding the largest showcase of Pablo Picasso’s early works in China…

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  • Trip Advisor picks Kathmandu as World's 19th top destinations

    Trip Advisor picks Kathmandu as World's 19th top destinations amongst 25 other equally amazing places!  As a city surrounded by…

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  • Helicopter charter service in Lhasa

    Tourists will now enjoy a wings over view of Lhasa city provincial capital of Tibet Autonomous Region with the operation…

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  • Book Bhutan Festival Join - in Departures 2020

    Bhutan Festival Join-in Departures 2020 are set for the most popular festivals of Paro Tsechu 01 - 09 April 2020,…

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Maya Manor Boutique Hotel Kathmandu

Maya Manor Boutique Hotel Kathmandu
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Country : Nepal

Type : Boutique

Maya Manor Boutique Hotel Kathmandu is a select hotel built on foundations of a historic mansion. The original building was built by the Commander in Chief Toran Shumsher Rana and his brother Balram SJB Rana in 1935. At one time it served as the Chinese Ambassador's residence for 10 years. In 1974, the Sakya Family of the KGH Group of Hotels bought it for their family home until its makeover to a boutique hotel in 2016.

Maya Manor Boutique Hotel offers 40 luxury rooms and 7 exclusive suites including historic lounge full of elegant antiquities, meeting hall, full-fledged gym, and sauna. This seven storied boutique hotel is fully air conditioned featuring king-size bed in all rooms with LED TV, safe deposit, free Wi-Fi, coffee and tea facilities, granite-laid- bathroom with all amenities; well stocked mini-bar and complimentary mineral water.


The hotel has three exclusive rooftop gardens in various floors offering stunning views of rich cultural landscape of the valley encircled within a green rim of mountain and snow-clad Himalaya. The Maharaja Restaurant earned the hotel a near-perfect score in the dining category. Besides the butler service on request, the hotel offers the spread of snacks and the open pantry—featuring tea, canapés that are at guests disposal almost around the clock.

Situated near the former Royal Palace, the magnificently restored Maya Manor stands tall in the commercial hub of the city showcasing grandeur of European colonial influence architecture that was introduced to Nepal in the 1800s by its Rana rulers.  During the country's turbulent days; former US President Jimmy Carter in 2008 inaugurated Carter Centre in the mansion which played a prominent role in the peace process.


Set admist a manicured neo-classical garden, Maya Manor Boutique Hotel is adorned with a Victorian gazebo, exquisite Rocco works, and wrought iron verandas. It embodies the idea of a quintessential Victorian-era architecture furnished with antiques,art & artifacts. The regal buttery-yellow property of Maya Manor Boutique Hotel manages to offer a timely and timeless flavor of the elegant past.


The hotel is ideally located just a few footsteps away from the prestigious Durbar Marg, Kathmandu’s best address for trendy cafés, restaurants and other commercial offices including airlines, banks, department stores, and souvenir shops.  It is a perfect address for discerning travellers.  Many important national landmarks are just a walk away : Monument Tower, City Clock, Nagpokhari Sacred Pond, Nandakeshari Heritage Courtyard, and Narayanhiti Golden Sprout surround the hotel.  Thamel the tourist hub is an easy walk of 15 minutes from this iconic hotel.


Book the Maya Manor Kathmandu and enjoy luxury service a throwback to a regal way of living in the golden times!