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    The overland highway between Nepal and Tibet TAR has opened now making it possible for International tourists to travel through…

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  • Nepal Heritage sites all open

    Nepal Heritage Sites have re-opened giving visitors opportunity to visitors to sightsee centuries old monuments and cultural highlights which the country…

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Bangladesh is a country with rich natural heritage from sea level to the "hill district" of verdant forests at 1000metres high with their indigenous people.  

At sea level the mangrove forests of the Sundarbans support a bio diverse range of vegetation and fauna including the elusive Bengal tiger which have evolved to add fish eating in this environment. Cruise along this amazing region and enjoy a pristine wildlife experience. 

The Hill Districts of Banderbans is home to one of the many tribal cultures of the country.  These are simple ethnic people who eke out their living with forest and wildlife as their main source of livelihood.  Enjoy meeting up close with some of these people who are enigmatic yet charming and little exposed to the modern way of life.

Journey to see some of the most amazing indigenous people and their culture away from your world!



Adventure Trip Packages
Sundarbans Wildlife Cruise

Sundarbans Wildlife Cruise

Duration: 5 Days

Trip Grade: two star

This tour visits Sunderban the World Largest Mangrove Forest and Cruise on board cruise across the creek.  Besides this visit Sixt...

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