Tibet TAR Related Activities


  • Nepal grants 5yrs visa to US visitors

    In a reciprocal welcome move, Nepal will grant US citizens who apply for a tourist visa a five-year multiple entries…

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  • Helicopter charter service in Lhasa

    Tourists will now enjoy a wings over view of Lhasa city provincial capital of Tibet Autonomous Region with the operation…

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  • New! Highway Kathmandu to Lhasa opens

    The overland highway between Nepal and Tibet TAR has opened now making it possible for International tourists to travel through…

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  • Boutique hotels in Kathmandu

    Boutique hotels in Kathmandu offer visitors the opportunity to stay close to World Heritage Sites and enjoy a unique experience. …

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  • Book Bhutan Festival Join - in Departures 2019

    Bhutan Festival Join-in Departures 2019 are set giving an opportunity for individuals and couples to enjoy these festivals in the…

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  • Nepal Heritage sites all open

    Nepal Heritage Sites have re-opened giving visitors opportunity to visitors to sightsee centuries old monuments and cultural highlights which the country…

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Adventure Trips Tibet

The destination is enjoyed through journeys out of the ordinary.  Day hikes out of towns make it doubly interesting, visiting places that take one to little known monasteries and interesting village often overlooked by the bigger draws in the area.  


The Yarlung Tsangpo also known as the Brahmaputra is idea for raft trips.  Where until recently the inhabitants used yak hide "coracls" now trips on top of line rafting equipment are available on our river trips.


Mountain biking in Tibet is among the best for its astounding countryside scenery, terrain, well maintained roads and low volume of traffic.  Choose to go on the classic Overland Lhasa to Kathmandu bike trip or take an off road trail to one of the many villages.


Enjoy Adventure in Tibet - memories of a lifetime !