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Kathmandu's Domestic Terminal to open earlier
Kathmandu's Domestic Terminal to open earlierKathmandu's Domestic Terminal which opens at 6am will be affected by the flight closure of the airport from 01 April 2019 as the runway is being closed for maintenance work.  The flight operations are expected to be normalised after 3…>> Read More


The Taragaon Museum
Not a conventional museum it has exhibits that showcase the “then” and “now” transition of Kathmandu’s rich cultural heritage over a period of 50years as recorded by various scholars and anthropologists.  It provides a rich documentation of the preservation and conservation…>> Read More


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  • Early Picasso Art exhibition in Beijing

    Ullens Center for Contemporary Art or UCCA Beijing is holding the largest showcase of Pablo Picasso’s early works in China…

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  • Trip Advisor picks Kathmandu as World's 19th top destinations

    Trip Advisor picks Kathmandu as World's 19th top destinations amongst 25 other equally amazing places!  As a city surrounded by…

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  • Kathmandu Airport Resumes normal operation

    Nepal's Tribhuvan International Airport has resumed normal operation after its renovation work on the runway of Tribhuvan International Airport was…

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  • Nepal US visitors to get 5 years visa

    In a reciprocal welcome move, Nepal from 01st January 2019 has started to grant US citizens who apply for a…

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  • Helicopter charter service in Lhasa

    Tourists will now enjoy a wings over view of Lhasa city provincial capital of Tibet Autonomous Region with the operation…

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  • New! Highway Kathmandu to Lhasa opens

    The overland highway between Nepal and Tibet TAR has opened now making it possible for International tourists to travel through…

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  • Boutique hotels in Kathmandu

    Boutique hotels in Kathmandu offer visitors the opportunity to stay close to World Heritage Sites and enjoy a unique experience. …

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  • Book Bhutan Festival Join - in Departures 2019

    Bhutan Festival Join-in Departures 2019 are set giving an opportunity for individuals and couples to enjoy these festivals in the…

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  • Nepal Heritage sites all open

    Nepal Heritage Sites have re-opened giving visitors opportunity to visitors to sightsee centuries old monuments and cultural highlights which the country…

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Nepal is the definitive destination as trekking trails and areas cater from the easy to the strenuous.  The awe inspiring mountain views, remote village cultures, the excitement of crossing crystal clear snow melt rivers.  Asian – Bhrikuti has a comprehensive list of all the trek routes which  have been researched allowing for rest days to maximise contact with the local inhabitants of the areas.


Asian – Bhrikuti and its associates the support of excellent cultural and trekking guides who are knowledgeable and friendly.  All are trained and undertaken regular guide training courses in the country.  Camping and dining equipment are of the highest quality and reflect the most practical used by the industry. 


All are ECO-TREKS organised with a great deal of effort to ensure that it is ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY.  Trek Guides including porters have accident insurance. 



Almost anybody, depending on where you choose to go !  Trekking requires that you be in good health and reasonably well conditioned.  A regular regimen of balanced exercise, such as walking, running or bicycle riding is all that is needed to achieve a level of fitness for a comfortable trekking pace without excessive exertion. 


Trek itineraries are designed so that a person in moderately good shape will have little difficulty achieving each day's goals.  It is good to bear in mind, however, that the better your fitness level, the more you will enjoy from your trekking experience.



Treks are carefully graded "easy", "moderate" "moderate to challenging" and "strenuous".  If you require any assistance in choosing an appropiate trek, we will be happy to recommend one that is best suited.  Rest days are built in when the trail is particularly demanding and make for good cultural interaction.


"Easy" * grade is one that involves short hikes of 4 or 5 hrs at low elevations usually not over 3000m. 

"Moderate" ** grade is hiking over undulating terrain uphill and downhill loss or gain of upto 1000m for 5 to 6 hrs per day at elevations usually below 4500m.

"Moderate to Challenging" *** grade trails include going across high passes of over 4500m and walks of not less than 6 hrs per day at altitudes over + 4500m.

"Strenuous" ****grade is trekking through steep terrain, longer hours, calling for exerting oneself over steep undulating trail and frequent narrow paths.  Often needing basic mountaineering skills like use of crampons and ice axe.


Choose a wilderness Camping Trek in Nepal and enjoy serenity and off the beaten trail experience with fully catered camping services !


Treks Trip Packages
Join in Departures

Join in Departures

Duration: 7 Days

Trip Grade: three star

Join - in Departures for Camping Treks are the best in terms of value and destination.  For those seeking wilderness adventures these are conveni...

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