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Nepali citizen to enjoy China visa fee waiver
Nepali citizens will enjoy China visa fee waiver starting from May 1, 2024.  This facility was announced by the Embassy of China in Kathmandu to waive visa fees for regular applications for Nepali citizens seeking to travel to China.  …>> Read More


UNESCO designated Jingmai Mountain Ancient Pu’er tea forests
UNESCO designated Jingmai Mountain Ancient Pu’er tea forestsUNESCO designated Jingmai Mountain Ancient Pu’er tea forests a World Heritage Site to recognize the unique tradition of growing these unique trees located in southwestern China, this cultural landscape was developed over a thousand years by the ethnic Blang and Dai peoples following…>> Read More


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  • Himalaya Airlines resumes Kathmandu to Lhasa flights

    Himalaya Airlines breaks new ground by resuming the Kathmandu to Lhasa from 17th April, 2024. It has also best direct…

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  • Tripadvisor picks Kathmandu #1 for 2024!

    The popular travel portal 'Tripadvisor' has declared Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital city, as the best natural destination 2024 in the world.…

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  • China allows visa free facility to more countries

    China has further announced its visa-free policy extension to more nationals of these countries; Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malaysia,…

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  • Lijiang to Shangri-La train journey opens

    The Lijiang-Shangri-La railway officially opened on November 26, 2023 marking a new milestone for tourism in Southwest China's Yunnan Province. In…

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  • New Buddha era relics excavated

    New Buddha-era relics have been unearthed in Ramgram Nawalparasi West Nepal located 46kms east of Maya Devi temple making this…

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  • Sichuan Airlines to increase Nepal flights

    Sichuan Airlines a major inbound carrier from Chengdu China to Kathmandu announced that it will operate daily flights from August. …

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  • Hollywood Superstar Jet Li visits Nepal!

    World famous Hollywood and Chinese actor Jet Li arrived in Kathmandu along with his wife during the Christmas holiday. He…

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Heavenly Lanterns auction at Forbidden City

Country : China

Type : Making News

A pair of Heavenly Lanterns and Longevity Lanterns each painstakingly recreated from the Qing dynasty are the biggest creative products ever designed by the Palace Museum will be put up for auction in early April, the museum's curator Shan Jixiang said.  He announced this in a speech at the 2019 Tencent Neo-Culture Creativity Conference held in Beijing, saying all the proceeds from the auction will be donated to help people in China's poverty-stricken regions.

The visiting areas of the Forbidden City during a special exhibition for Spring Festival were transformed into a cultural experience with heavenly lanterns (tiandeng) and longevity lanterns (wanshou deng) at the Palace of Heavenly Purity and the Hall of Imperial Supremacy.  The lanterns, all historically accurate reconstructions based on archives from the Qing dynasty, were installed and lit up for the first time in almost two centuries. In the Qing dynasty, the installation and dismantling of these Spring Festival lanterns required the work of over 8,000 personnel, according to the museum.


The curator vowed to further improve its digital platform to make a visit to the museum an easier, more efficient and more enjoyable experience for visitors. Among the key speakers at the 2019 Tencent Neo-Culture Creativity Conference are writer Mai Jia, who talked about how writers can tell stories about China to the world well, and Tencent Pictures CEO Cheng Wu, who said the evolvement in cultural production modes is leading to China's higher ability to tell its own story.


Visit the Forbidden City and experience a once in a lifetime trip to a historical site!