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Dusit Thani brand arrives in Nepal!
Dusit Thani brand arrives in Nepal!Luxury Thai brand Dusit Thani arrives in Nepal with the opening of Dusit Thani Himalayan Resort Dhulikhel and Dusit Princess Kathmandu.    The Dusit Thani Himalayan Resort Dhulikhel opened on 24 September, 2023 and sprawls magnificently on a ridge offering…>> Read More


Gurung Museum Lamjung
Gurung Museum LamjungA Gurung Museum on the trekking trail of Lamjung has been gaining popularity among hikers.  Inaugurated on 23 May 2022 it was constructed by the Bhujung Community Home Stay and Tourism Management Sub-Committee. This offers a unique insight into the life…>> Read More


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    The popular travel portal 'Tripadvisor' has declared Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital city, as the best natural destination 2024 in the world.…

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  • China visa free facility to 6 countries

    China announced unilateral visa-free policy to more countries on a trial basis by extending visa-free facility to travelers holding ordinary…

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  • Lijiang to Shangri-La train journey opens

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  • New Buddha era relics excavated

    New Buddha-era relics have been unearthed in Ramgram Nawalparasi West Nepal located 46kms east of Maya Devi temple making this…

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  • Sichuan Airlines to increase Nepal flights

    Sichuan Airlines a major inbound carrier from Chengdu China to Kathmandu announced that it will operate daily flights from August. …

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  • Hollywood Superstar Jet Li visits Nepal!

    World famous Hollywood and Chinese actor Jet Li arrived in Kathmandu along with his wife during the Christmas holiday. He…

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NatureWatch Nepal

Country : Nepal

Type : Making News

NatureWatch Nepal celebrates good news in all things of nature progression in the country and celebrate its bio diversity.


09.07.2022 ~ number of Great Slaty Woodpecker also known locally as "Rajlahache" one of the rarests of bird species has seen an increase in the Ghodaghodi Tal Bird Sanctuary and important wetland area.  From the initial recorded sighting of 1 pair in 2014, the numbers has risen to 12 individuals. Listed as "sensitive" in status by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, it has been sighted in Sitakunda Community Forest, Maghi, Lathahuwa Community Forest, Ghodaghadi Wetland Area, Rampur Area of Ghodaghodi Bird Sanctuary and reaching as far as Chure - Bhawar area.  Typically nesting in the tallest trees it is visible in forested areas.  Due to its natural inclination to nest, breed and raise their youngs in the same tree, the bird is unfortunately easy prey.  


The Great Slaty Woodpecker is also found in the Basanta Protected Area of Kailali, the Karnali River Biological Route, Shuklaphanta National Park, Mohana Laljhadi Protected Forest and Brahmadev Biological Route.  


Of the 239 world species of Woodpeckers, Nepal has 26 of them.  A total of The Great Slaty Woodpecker found in Parsa, Chitwan, Banke and Bardiya National Park is estimated at 190 to 250 individuals. 

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05.07.2022 ~ recent census indicate the unfortunate decline in the population of Finn's Weaver birds in the Shukla Phanta National Park.  While in 2017 the highest bird count was 300, it has decreased to 250 in 2016.  Loss of habitat and encroachment by cattle and human habitation could be among several factors contributing to this.  The International Unnion for Conservation of Nature has place Finn's weaver bird on the "red list" due to this.  It is said the species has disappeared from the Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve since 2007. The conditions for the birds to propagate are best in the Lalpaniphanta, Mohanpur, Andaiya, Pattaiyaphanta, Sikari Lake, Sinhapurhanta and Darakh grasslands of Shukla Phanta.  The best habitat for it is grassland with a pond or river near the grasslands with trees. It nests and raises its offsprings from May to September.  A very clever bird, it build a fake next to deceive birds of prey and build a real nest at a distance of 1km to 3kms away!  The bird was first spotted in 1996.  Nepal has 4 species of weaver birds - Finn's Weaver, Streaked Weaver, Baya Weaver and Black Breasted Weaver.


02.07.2022 ~ with onset of monsoon rains and bigger volume of water flow, rate dolphins have started to appear in rivers in Kailali, Dhangadi district. Sightings of 8 adults and 3 juveniles have been recorded in the southeastern coastal area at the confluence of Mohana and Kanda rivers and Gairi Nala in Baidi of Tikapur municipality. After monsoon rains end, the dolphins search for depth in lower reaches of Karnali River.  Dolphins which inhabit Karnali river through out the year come to the tributaries temporarily during the monsoon.  Dolphins come here from Ghaghara River to locate safe environment to raise their youngs.  The last census in 2009 showed the presence of 130 individuals in Kailali.


26.04.2022 ~ In a very heartening news for nature and wildlife enthusiasts, the population of Nepal's "Gaur" also known as Indian Bison scientific name "Bos Gaurus" has grown in the Parsa National Park to 164 individuals. The last census 6 years ago recorded only 105 gaurs. The species is listed as "Vulnerable" in the IUCN Red List.  Parsa National Park is contiguous to the popular Chitwan National Park one of the most visited wildlife sanctuaries of Nepal.


10.01.2022 ~ Two new species of birds the Greater White Fronted Goose and Black-Headed Brambling have been spotted in Nawalparasi, Bardaghat, west of Chitwan National Park during the ongoing water bird census. The water bird census which started on January 1 will continue till January 16. The two species are  were spotted near the Narayani riverbank this year.

This year, a total of 38 species of water birds have been spotted in Nawalpur area alone.

The number of bar-headed Goose "Khoya Hans", a migratory bird coming from Siberia to escape cold, is recorded the most this year.The number of Ruddy Shelducks, known as "Chakhewa", has also witnessed a sharp decline this year.

Migratory birds has been observed to have decreased though the number of local birds found in the Narayani river and wetlands there has not changed fundamentally.


22.11.21 ~ Greylag goose known as Swetamatha Kalhans in Nepal has been sighted in Kailali, west of Chitwan for the first time. Six of the birds were seen at the confluence of Karnali and Mohana rivers at an island popularly called Sri Lanka in Tikapur municipality.  Considered a migratory species in Nepal it is a winter visitor.  Other migratory species have seen increased numbers in the wetlands and rivers of Kailali. Greylag geese were first recorded in the Kosi Tapu area on March 24, 2004.


04.10.21 ~ a new bird species European Roller (Coracias garrulous) was spotted for the first time reported on in Nepal in Upper Mustang of the Annapurna Conservation area in Kekighan, Lomanthang Rural Municipality, Ward no 5 at an altitude 3,781m.  With this sighting bird species of the country went upto 889.


20.09.21 ~ Chitwan National Park bird species count went up to 658 with the sighting of Brown Breasted Flycatcher family 'muscicapidae' for the first time. It was spotted in the vicinity of Barahi Jungle Lodge in the Andrauli Intermediate Community Forest. This bird breeds in the northern region of east India, central and south China, Burma and Thailand and sometimes travels through forest in Nepal to south India and Sri Lanka.


15.09.21 ~ a good news is the vulture population in Nepal has increased by 21% in 2021 over numbers in 2019.  A total of 2,312 were counted across all sites on "Vulture Count" 2021 observed on 04.09.21. Seven known species of the nine existing in Nepal were sighted.  The biggest species is White - Rumped 1293 followed by Himalayan Griffon 484 individuals and the least among residents is Slender Billed vulture numbering 33.  Among the least numbers are winter visitors 7 Cinereous vultures recorded.


12.09.21 ~ we start with the sighting of Sarus cranes in Kailali's Puraina Lake after almost a absence in a decade. "Antigone Antigone" has reappeared in this lake in Bajani Municipality 7 of the district. The lake connecting Basanta Biological Marg and Dudhuwa National Park was known as a Sarus crane habitat in the past. A pair has been spotted to the delight of bird watchers.  IUCN has listed this as one of the rare bird species.


Nepal has recorded a population of 400 to 700 Sarus crane. Of the global 15 crane species, Nepal hosts four - Black headed, Laxman, Karyang-Kurung and Storks.  The Sarus is amongst the tallest flying bird in the world, standing upto 5 feet weighing upto 10 kilos it lays its eggs in open wetlands, irrigated paddy fields, ponds and lakes. A good feeder; it controls reptiles and insects harmfull to crops. Its distinctive call also acts as predator alerts!


Watch out in this space for more NatureWatch Nepal news updates!