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New train Lhasa to Nyingchi
New train Lhasa to NyingchiNew Train Fuxing service now connects Lhasa to Nyingchi one of the most scenic destinations of south west Tibet from 25 June 2021. Tourists and train buffs now can take the region's fastest trains and enjoy the awesome views along a…>> Read More


Black necked cranes winter
Black necked cranes winterBlack-necked cranes flock to the nature reserve in Linzhou county, Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region making it their winter home. Linzhou county, a distanced of 65 km from Lhasa, is known to a great bird watching area for these magnificent…>> Read More


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  • Himalaya Airlines resumes Kathmandu to Lhasa flights

    Himalaya Airlines breaks new ground by resuming the Kathmandu to Lhasa from 17th April, 2024. It has also best direct…

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  • Tripadvisor picks Kathmandu #1 for 2024!

    The popular travel portal 'Tripadvisor' has declared Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital city, as the best natural destination 2024 in the world.…

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  • China allows visa free facility to more countries

    China has further announced its visa-free policy extension to more nationals of these countries; Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malaysia,…

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  • Lijiang to Shangri-La train journey opens

    The Lijiang-Shangri-La railway officially opened on November 26, 2023 marking a new milestone for tourism in Southwest China's Yunnan Province. In…

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  • New Buddha era relics excavated

    New Buddha-era relics have been unearthed in Ramgram Nawalparasi West Nepal located 46kms east of Maya Devi temple making this…

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  • Sichuan Airlines to increase Nepal flights

    Sichuan Airlines a major inbound carrier from Chengdu China to Kathmandu announced that it will operate daily flights from August. …

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  • Hollywood Superstar Jet Li visits Nepal!

    World famous Hollywood and Chinese actor Jet Li arrived in Kathmandu along with his wife during the Christmas holiday. He…

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UNESCO Listing of Lum Sowa Rigpa medicinal treatment

Country : Tibet TAR

Type : Healings Blessings

Tibetan treatment Lum or Sowa Rigpa method of medicinal bathing has been listed by UNESCO the United Nationals Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity at the 13th session in November 2018 in Port Louie, capital of Mauritius.


The Lum or "Sowa Rigpa" in Tibetan language meaning medicinal practice knowledge of recuperating orginated in the Qinghai - Tibet plateau with an average altitude of 4,000m above sea level. The practice is a good treatment for health and illness prevention among the local populace. 


The Lum Medicinal Bathing of Sowa Rigpa or Tibetan Medicine is based on Jungwa-nga “five elements” comprising of Sa - earth, Chu - water, Me - fire, Lung - wind and Namkha - space and is a view about health and illness based on Nyepa-sum or three dynamics” of Lung, Tripa and Pekan.  In Tibetan, “Lum” indicates the traditional knowledge and practices of bathing in natural hot springs, herbal water or steam to adjust the balance of mind and body, to ensure health and treat illnesses. 


At the Lhoka Tibetan medicine hospital medical staffs prepare medicinal bathing using herbs for this treatment which is found to be very beneficial to patients.


The listing by UNESCO of Lum or Sowa Rigpa treatment and its study protection and provides for its recognition as an Intangible Cultural Heritage in the International platform giving it a place in world standing.


So book to take an opportunity to rejuvenate with this age old traditional method of rejuvenation!