• India to re-open 15 Nov

    India to re-open 15 November 2021 to tourists. Visitors can now apply for e-tourist visa arrivals for all scheduled flights to the…

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  • Nepal to resume visa on arrival

    Government of Nepal will resume visa-on-arrival service effective 23 September 2021 for all travellers arriving from countries accorded this facility previously.…

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  • New Terminal 3 at Lhasa Gonggar Airport

    New Terminal 3 at Lhasa Gonggar Airport opened becoming the largest of its kind in the Tibet Autonomous Region, it was…

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  • Pokhara gets a cable car!

    The beautiful lake city of Pokhara has got a brand new cable car connecting the scenic Phewa Lake to the…

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  • Gurung Museum inaugurated!

    A Gurung Museum has been inaugurated 23 May on the popular trekking trail of Lamjung. It has been constructed by…

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  • Practise Safe Covid 19 Health Protocols

    Practise Safe Covid 19 Health Protocols   Dear Clients, Friends and Well Wishers,     In the midst of challenging…

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  • Taj Mahal reopened on 16 June 2021

    The Taj Mahal reopened on 16 June 2021 to public after the current lockdown with a cap of 650 daily…

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  • Nepal, Bhutan, China & India

    As of 01 October 2021; Nepal has allowed tourists to the country under Covid health protocols. India will re-open on 15…

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    On the eve of Visit Nepal Year 2020 Forbes magazine has named Nepal a ‘top destination for travellers to visit…

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Practise Safe Covid 19 Health Protocols

Practise Safe Covid 19 Health Protocols
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Practise Safe Covid 19 Health Protocols


Dear Clients, Friends and Well Wishers,



In the midst of challenging Covid 19 times, it is usefull to consider that humans will need to coexist with the new coronavirus!  Though vaccines have been rolled out in many countries it is increasingly clear that even though individuals are fully vaccinated the virus strain is mutating at a fast pace.  One must consider taking a booster jab when it is available to be risk free or reduce the risk of severe infection.



If not vaccinated, please do take a moment to read about how to minimize health risk by adopting what is now known to be called "New Life Model" and request everyone to follow this model for an extended period of time and learn to live and work with the virus lurking around the corner.



Looking closely, it is seen that governments which advised its citizens to follow these new life models have successfully limited the spread of coronavirus in their countries.  The list below are established practical set of SOPs using principles of rationality, science and risk assessment.



It is perhaps related to the understanding that "bad" things can't be forsaken for all times.  Using risk assessment models in principle, humans can continue to live in the "new normal".



There are 3 basic precautions to be observed :


1. Keep a distance between people.


2. Wear a mask,especially important in indoor locations.


3. Wash hands frequently.


Specific requirements :


1. People should keep a distance of 2 meters from one another.


2. Activities should be as much as possible outdoors.


3. Try to avoid being face to face when speaking to other people.


4. After being out, wash your face and clothes immediately after returning home.


5. Wash or sanitize well as soon as you touch someone's hand.


6. Try online shopping and electronic payment.


7. Supermarket shopping is best for 1 person, and choose time when there are less people.


8. Try not to touch commodity samples.


9. Avoid talking in public transportation.


10. Travel to work by 4 wheeler, 2 wheeler or on foot.


11. It is best to use credit cards or e-pays.


12. Try to use video conference when meeting.


13. To control the number of people in meetings, wear masks and open windows for ventilation.


14. Work from home or commute at off peak hours.


15. Do not travel to countries or places where the virus is endemic.


16. Try not to return home to visit relatives and control travel business trips.


17. When you have symptoms, remember where you went and who you met.


18. Eat meals with others not face to face, preferably side by side.


19. Do not use large bowls or pots to share food; implement a divided individual portion system.


20. Talk less at meal and eat more vegetables.


21. Try not to have too many people gathered at meal as much as possible.


22. Avoid "closed spaces, dense crowd flow, intimate contact".


23. Self-test body temperature / symptoms every morning to strengthen health management.


24. Close the seat cover when flushing toilet.


25. Don't stay too long in a narrow space.


26. When walking and running, the number of people should be small, when meeting each other, stagger the distance.



As of date (01 July 2021) it is said that since the enemy cannot be completely eliminated, it is necessary to learn to coexist with the virus.



Only by following the new rules of life can we live in "the new normal" with the corona virus for as long as it takes. We request our clients to please follow the above instructions scrupulously.



Please contact us for latest "Travel Bubble" travels that are allowed between destinations.


Keep safe and stay well – we shall all come out together stronger and enjoy the pent up travel longings before too long!  Have a nice Day and Evening! 



"To stay in good health it is worth changing our behaviour and lifestyle".