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Tourist sites re-open
The Palace Museum and the National Library in Beijing will reopen on Friday for the upcoming May 1 holiday after months of closure, a sign that the capital is gradually returning to normalcy. All 25,000 tickets for the Palace Museum…>> Read More


Heavenly Lanterns auction at Forbidden City
A pair of Heavenly Lanterns and Longevity Lanterns each painstakingly recreated from the Qing dynasty are the biggest creative products ever designed by the Palace Museum will be put up for auction in early April, the museum's curator Shan Jixiang…>> Read More


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  • Nepal International Travel to re-open 14 June

    Nepal has announced International and domestic flights will resume on 14th June, 2020.  The lockdown within the country is expected…

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  • World's Highest Altitude Fashion Show

    Nepal's Mount Everest Fashion Runway walks straight into a new Guinness World Record for the highest altitude fashion show. The…

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  • Nepal is Forbes top places to visit

    On the eve of Visit Nepal Year 2020 Forbes magazine has named Nepal a ‘top destination for travellers to visit…

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  • Lonely Planet picks Bhutan - World Top Destination!

    Bhutan the tiny landlocked Himalayan nation, has topped Lonely Planet's best places to travel in 2020. The list was compiled by…

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  • Early Picasso Art exhibition in Beijing

    Ullens Center for Contemporary Art or UCCA Beijing is holding the largest showcase of Pablo Picasso’s early works in China…

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  • Trip Advisor picks Kathmandu as World's 19th top destinations

    Trip Advisor picks Kathmandu as World's 19th top destinations amongst 25 other equally amazing places!  As a city surrounded by…

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  • Helicopter charter service in Lhasa

    Tourists will now enjoy a wings over view of Lhasa city provincial capital of Tibet Autonomous Region with the operation…

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  • Book Bhutan Festival Join - in Departures 2020

    Bhutan Festival Join-in Departures 2020 are set for the most popular festivals of Paro Tsechu 01 - 09 April 2020,…

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Buddhist Circuit

Buddhist Circuit
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The journey of Buddhism into China over the centuries make for fascinating stories and over the ages followers have made stunning edifices in respect of their beliefs.  From gigantic stone carvings of the Buddha to the smallest places of worship, these are works of art and convey a sense of timeless beauty.


Sages who have travelled across Central Asia have left their legacy through tales of wonder and mesmerizing account.  As Buddhism entered from the west; it travelled across the lenght and breath of the country even making its way to the courts of Chengis Khan.  Take in the image of the Reclining Buddha in the remote Dunghuang caves, the stunning scope and majesty of the Longmen Grottoes in Luoyang and the sky high temples of Mt Ermei.


Buddhism established itself and was soon melded with Confusius and Tao teachings. Choose your trip itinerary to include some of the most amazing journeys to these places!